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American Nuclear Society Official Resources

The American Nuclear Society provides a number of valuable resources for it’s members and the public. A full list of publications is available at the ANS website.

ANS Collaborate
(Requires ANS Login)
ANS Collaborate is the virtual networking site exclusively for ANS members. It is your portal to engage with your colleagues through discussion boards, to exchange information through document and file sharing, and to stay up to date on your division or committee activities through event postings. You can also establish mentor relationships, view your colleagues’ profiles and communicate directly with other ANS members through the ANS Collaborate messaging service. Be involved!

ANS Nuclear Cafe
(Publicly accessible)
The ANS Nuclear Cafe is a blog owned and edited by the American Nuclear Society. ANS welcomes submissions from ANS members on nuclear topics. For more information on submitting a perspective, see the instructions page.

Nuclear News Magazine
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With more than 11,000 readers throughout 60 countries, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication for the nuclear field. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance, security, international developments, waste management, fuel, and industry. The magazine has been published by the American Nuclear Society since 1959.

ANS News
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Society-wide newsletter issued every two months.

Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information (NuclearConnect)
(Publicly accessible)
The Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information (NuclearConnect) is an outreach initiative of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). The Center was created to foster interest in and to increase understanding about nuclear science and technology.


Position Statements

The American Nuclear Society provides statements which reflect the Society’s perspectives on issues of public interest that involve various aspects of nuclear science and technology. Position statements are prepared by key members whose relevant experience or publications inform the documents and then the documents are reviewed by ANS committees and divisions. The final position statements are approved by the Board of Directors.

ANS Position Statements

The Operations & Power Division helps write and maintain the following position statements:



To get involved with ANS Standards, view the OPD get involved page and the ANS Standards involvement page.

OPD members are involved in creating and maintaining the following standards: